How to check ownership of any real estate in Croatia?
Quick and easy - by looking into the Land Registry.
Land registers are public and any citizen can check the ownership of any real estate through the website
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Advice for buying your first property?
Buying your first property can sometimes be very stressful because it is a big and important decision. In order to ease your way to buying your first property and go through the whole process calmly, the best advice is to contact a professional, no matter how cliché it may sound.
Agnecija Besthome has a rich offer of real estate, experience, and licensed agents who are maximally dedicated to you and your needs, and we offer above all the trust and security that you need when buying real estate.

What does the job of a real estate agent include?
The real estate agent does EVERYTHING necessary for the client.
From taking over the property, preparing for the sale of the property, looking for clients, arranging a meeting with them, viewing the property, preparing all documentation about the property (excerpt from the title deed, verification of ownership, building/use permit, floor plans, measurements, etc.), preparation of pre-contracts, contracts , and other documentation that is required when buying and selling real estate, and the entire process is managed by the agent.
In our experience, an agent or agency can help you find and buy a property that is exactly what you need, and quickly check the validity of the documentation.

The most common mistakes when buying real estate
Financial analysis
Buyers must be aware of their financial situation and always count on unpredictable costs when buying real estate.
You should not immediately get emotionally attached to the property, but you should realistically look at all its positive and negative sides.
Absence of real estate inspection
We agree with the fact that you send your friend, godfather, relative to inspect the property, who looks with the same eyes as if you were looking, but we definitely advise you to inspect the same property once again in person to make sure that it is really what you were looking for.
Absence of an agent in the buying and selling process
A real estate agent is your support, a professional in his work who will save you time and help you when buying and selling real estate.

What are real estate buyers looking for the most?
Interest in buying real estate in Zagreb is certainly growing. New construction is still the most chosen, although many buyers also decide on old construction. The greatest demand is for smaller apartments (one-room, two-room apartments on lower or higher floors). Interest in land for the construction of family houses has increased, and interest in buying houses for renovation is also growing slightly.

What must the sales contract contain?
Correct data
The sales contract must contain all the correct information about the seller, the buyer, and all the details about the real estate participating in the sale.
Tabular statement
The document that is attached to the purchase agreement or is a part of it and is included in the Purchase Agreement. With this document, the seller confirms that the buyer has paid the entire amount of the purchase price, and that he can be registered as the owner of the property in the land register and other public institutions.
The buyer becomes the owner only after the transfer of ownership in the land register, i.e. the request for registration of ownership is submitted when the signature of the Tabular Declaration is verified.
Energy certificate
A document that must be attached by law when buying and selling real estate.
After all the above, special requirements from the seller and the buyer can be added to each contract.

Advantages of investing in real estate
Price rise
On the market, the demand for real estate is very high, and the supply of real estate is still limited, so the same real estate has the possibility of increasing in price when sold.
Usability of the property
A property that can be used with quality every day provides additional value to investors who are ready to invest more in it.
Investing in real estate is one of the better ways to invest money well than any other type of investment.
Property rental
Renting real estate provides the investor with additional income.